Benefits of using a professional chimney repair in Long Island


The most important functions of your chimney include ridding your house of undesired combustion and providing the draft that ensures your fire keeps on burning. Due to these crucial functions your chimney is bound to face some problems from time to time. Chimney repair in Long Island can be tricky as you will have to choose from a large pool of suppliers. However, you can save yourself from the hassle by knowing the benefits of a chimney repair and what to expect from a handyman.

Benefits of regular chimney repair

Avoid a total collapse of your chimney

If your chimney is left unattended for too long then a total collapse may occur. Most chimneys are built to last at least twenty years without any malfunctions. However based on unpleasant and changing weather conditions, the chimney pointing may begin to crack earlier.

Keeps your chimney clean

As you continue enjoying the warmth that emanates from your fire place, certain chemicals are bound to build up in the interior of your chimney. Since repair and maintenance involve cleaning as well, it is the best way to rid your chimney of these harmful substances. Some of these chemicals include carbon monoxide which can not only cause illness but also result in death.

Adds value to your home

As much as you may be a permanent resident of Long Island, you may decide to sell your home at some point. A well maintained chimney adds value to your home when you eventually decide to sell it. A poorly maintained chimney on the other hand reduces the value of your home and makes it less attractive.

Saves you costs involved in rebuilding a new chimney

If you let your chimney wear out to the point of total collapse, then the only option will be to have a reconstruction. Logically, the cost or a repair is cheaper compared to that of reconstructing your chimney. So why not bank on regular repair and maintenance.

Common chimney repair issues in Long island

Creosote build up

Creosote is an oil like substance produced when logs or wood burn. If it builds up over a long duration, creosote can lead to catastrophic chimney fires.

Chimney flue blockage

The chimney flue is a pipe or tube that takes smoke or gas away from the fire and the house. Dirt can fall into the flue and block it. A malfunctioning chimney flue will lead to the buildup of very dangerous gases in the houses.

Other chimney problems include a crack in the chimney, a damaged cap, and a collection of water in the fireplace. Trust Long Island chimney repair companies to repair the crown, perform waterproofing, remove smoke stains, and repair the firebox and smoke chambers.

Getting a good chimney repair company in Long Island is the only sure way to enjoy the benefits of your chimney. Always start early and do not wait for things to get out of hand. Have it in mind that however small the issue of repair may seem, it must always be handled by a professional.